Dynamic Module Builder in Sitefinity 8.1

Telerik put this feature in Sitefinity CMS since SF4.2, but it wasn’t mature enough to a level that developers can leave their IDE and start using it. but with the improvement features and fields type in beside the model type inheritance and relational object types. Sitefinity built this feature as a Content Type builder since Read More

The Annoying DatePicker in DotNetNuke that still showing since version 6

It is really annoying that DotNetNuke Team didn’t yet put this annoying issue away, Few years ago I was developing some custom modules using DotNetNuke 5, as it was the latest release that time. and client requested to have the backend UI localized to Arabic, that’s an easy request with an application platform environment like DotNetNuke, Read More

Back to Sitefinity again.

Few days ago I starting my first experience with Sitefinity 8.1 it is been long since my last work with Telerik products, last time for me with this CMS was with the Sitefinity 4.2. I can see that features are enough now to advice my client buying and using this CMS, but it wasn’t this case with SF4.2. Read More